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The Christopher Bingham Comedy Initiative: Episode 1

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Welcome to The Christopher Bingham Comedy Initiative. This inaugural episode collects several of the most recent sketches, including How To Build Hype (extended), Pound of Flesh, And Bing Was His Name, and unseen material including voice acting audition tapes, and a messy Snapchat meltdown…

Watch all 21 minutes of The Comeback here:

The Comedy Initiative is a sketch show that collects recent videos from my channel as a long-form show. I’ll be posting a few excerpts and bonus clips for a couple of weeks to promote this one, then the process will start again. New sketches starting next month and running through new year 2017 will eventually mighty morph and roll out into a second episode.

As always, extra material can be seen on the official Facebook page and Instagram profile.

And Bing Was His Name

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Download the press kit for this video.

Meet the video that people are calling “another classic by Bing!” and “this gave me the strangest anxiety”. And Bing Was His Name is a video on the internet today:

And Bing Was His Name was filmed in front of no-one, and answers to no-one.

As part of the new Comedy Initiative, bonus videos are uploaded alongside every sketch on Instagram and Facebook. Here are this week’s extras:

I’m not having the best day… New video uploaded.

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Pound of Flesh

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Coming at you with a new upload. The epidural we’ve all been screaming for that eases the birth of The Christopher Bingham Comedy Initiative, a new season of comedy material on IAMBING.

Pound of Flesh is a short comedy sketch concerning the existence of being, the being of existence, and the YouTube celebrity phenomenon.

And lo, bonus materials:

Received a troublesome phone call today. New video uploaded.

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