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High on His Own Stank

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One of the great gifts of the internet age is the transformative power it can have over the arts. The liberation of form, design, meaning, intention, and intellectual property from the shackles of pre-digital mediums allows for expressions of the collective conscience on a scale previously unimaginable. One such expression is Pride and Prejudice: Lit Edition, a podcast/audiobook series created by Christopher Bingham.

Listen to episode two here in full, or subscribe by searching on your favourite podcast application.

Pride and Prejudice: Lit Edition

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This month I launched several new projects. One of them is this podcast series / audiobook entitled Pride and Prejudice: Lit Edition. It’s a full-length read of Jane Austen’s classic romantic novel but with modern slang and references improvised throughout to make it more fun. The artwork is by illustrator Xanthe Simmans. You can follow the project on its official website (and follow it if you’re a Tumblr user), and browse episodes of all my podcasts here.