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Captain Baculum 3

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After almost a decade (Episode One was drawn in 2008/9, based on strips going back as far as 2006) pre-orders are now open for the final issue of my indie comic Captain Baculum.

Real talk for a moment- it is incredibly fulfilling to be on the last leg of a project that has spanned so much of my life.

Captain Baculum started as personal project when I was a student learning to use my first graphics tablet. I drew strips based loosely on my own life and published them on my website and via DeviantArt. The character of the Captain was just me, his friends based on my friends. Later, my desire to tell a story turned them into fully-fictional characters, and in 2008 I began reworking all the CB material I had into what would become Episode One: Baculum Begins.

This is also the project that HIT WITH WRENCH, my online store, is built on. It is its longest-running product, and the franchise which gave it its name (in the first book a character called Klaus solves a problem by ‘hit[ing it] with [a] wrench’).

This project fills me joy and affection, but also a sense of deep nostalgia for the time in my life when I started it. It is the definition of ‘learning by doing’, and emblematic of that guiding principle in everything I do. I hope that the hundreds and thousands of you out there who have bought and enjoyed the previous issues over the years will love this one just as much, and that the conclusion I have written for these characters does justice to the love that you have placed in them.

Pre-order Captain Baculum Episode Three: Baculum Solves Everything direct from HWW here, including extremely limited variant covers by artists Jamie Spicer-Lewis and Maddy Vian.

HWW Sale Campaign

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YouTube sensation Christopher ‘Bing’ Bingham shows his true colours as a filthy sellout in new video EVERYTHING MUST GO. The video is promoting my online store HIT WITH WRENCH, which I founded.

Here is the video I made:

But it doesn’t stop there. Bonus material across Instagram and Facebook shows me for the deeper kind of sellout you didn’t even know existed. Look see:

It’s a sale! New video uploaded.

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