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Man do I love tiny versions of things that are usually big

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It’s been a hot minute since I had a hobby that so engrossed me and ignited my passions as this. In central Japan, and in fact all over the country, tiny furniture aficionados are sitting in silence pretending to make food. And today I am one of them.

If you, like me when I first started, are like ‘woah how did they make that so small’, or alternatively thinking that you got bigger somehow, you’d be right. My heart grew three sizes the day I discovered RE-MENT and their range of doll’s house 1:18 scale furniture.

Unboxing, looking at, describing, reading about, and playing with RE-MENT doll’s furniture is like meditation. It requires an empty mind and a steady hand. It offers a particularly welcome respite from the consumerism, futurapitalism, existential shopaholism, and alt-right mystimilism of the twenty-first century rat race. It allows me to manage my cravings by making them smaller. Instead of coveting new beds, new chairs, fashionable throw pillows, curtains, or tupperware, I covet tiny beds, tiny stackable chairs, small plastic pillows, palm-sized squares of felt, and other choking hazards. By buying the latter, rather than the former, I have climbed (a lot like Batman when he began) from the prison of my own desires.

Interview outtakes! FULL EPISODE UPLOADED.

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The Christopher Bingham Comedy Initiative: Episode 1

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Welcome to The Christopher Bingham Comedy Initiative. This inaugural episode collects several of the most recent sketches, including How To Build Hype (extended), Pound of Flesh, And Bing Was His Name, and unseen material including voice acting audition tapes, and a messy Snapchat meltdown…

Watch all 21 minutes of The Comeback here:

The Comedy Initiative is a sketch show that collects recent videos from my channel as a long-form show. I’ll be posting a few excerpts and bonus clips for a couple of weeks to promote this one, then the process will start again. New sketches starting next month and running through new year 2017 will eventually mighty morph and roll out into a second episode.

As always, extra material can be seen on the official Facebook page and Instagram profile.

Google Pixel Unboxing

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Download the press kit for this video.

Granted early access to Google’s new ‘Apple killer’ smart phone, the Pixel, YouTuber Christopher Bingham was keen to unbox the new tech in a video. One feature in particular caught his attention…

Bing has been unusually quiet on social media following the upload of the video. His Snapchat (slomozovo) appears to have been hacked, and his Instagram and Facebook pages have uploaded cryptic videos like this:

Why I Stopped Uploading

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A short new instalment from the CB comedy network, new YouTube video upload Why I Stopped Uploading hits the stands today.

Why I Stopped Uploading is a pastiche of a common YouTube phenomenon, drawing on several recognisable celebrity testimonials as inspiration.

And yet there’s more.


Just answering some random questions!!! 😇😂🔪 New video uploaded.

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For a more in-depth background on this set of videos check out my post about it on Patreon.

How to Build Hype

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Download the press kit for this video.

You awaken, flooded with moonlight from an open window, precisely as the clock strikes 3AM. The light transforms into a glowing angel, who tells you about a new video uploaded to YouTube.

How to Build Hype is a comedy tutorial video with a run time of four minutes and twenty-nine seconds.

See the main character getting up to no good in bonus videos:


I don’t know what to believe anymore. New video uploaded.

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