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#YELLOWALBUM Vinyl Campaign

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After successfully funding the next High Five Spaceship album (thank you to all who backed!) we are now trying for vinyl. Vinyl records are a small niche in today’s world, so they are always a huge risk for small-medium labels and artists. To press the minimum run, without driving the project over budget, we need to raise a separate pot just for manufacturing. That’s why we decided to launch a second short campaign specifically for vinyl records.

If you are interested in vinyl, or you missed out on the first campaign, check it out here.

#YELLOWALBUM Kickstarter – the third High Five Spaceship album

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This month High Five Spaceship launched a Kickstarter for their third album, codename #yellowalbum. High Five Spaceship is an electronic production outfit headed up by Christopher Bingham, collaborating with artists around the world including Bryarly, Daniel Dobbs, Robert Gillies, Corinna Jane, Carlos Montero, TVMPST, and more. Following two successful first albums, Progress and MMCCXV, which were both crowdfunded, they have begun work on a third that promises to be bigger, brighter, and tonally quite different from the previous offering.

Support the project here.