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Man do I love tiny versions of things that are usually big

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It’s been a hot minute since I had a hobby that so engrossed me and ignited my passions as this. In central Japan, and in fact all over the country, tiny furniture aficionados are sitting in silence pretending to make food. And today I am one of them.

If you, like me when I first started, are like ‘woah how did they make that so small’, or alternatively thinking that you got bigger somehow, you’d be right. My heart grew three sizes the day I discovered RE-MENT and their range of doll’s house 1:18 scale furniture.

Unboxing, looking at, describing, reading about, and playing with RE-MENT doll’s furniture is like meditation. It requires an empty mind and a steady hand. It offers a particularly welcome respite from the consumerism, futurapitalism, existential shopaholism, and alt-right mystimilism of the twenty-first century rat race. It allows me to manage my cravings by making them smaller. Instead of coveting new beds, new chairs, fashionable throw pillows, curtains, or tupperware, I covet tiny beds, tiny stackable chairs, small plastic pillows, palm-sized squares of felt, and other choking hazards. By buying the latter, rather than the former, I have climbed (a lot like Batman when he began) from the prison of my own desires.

Interview outtakes! FULL EPISODE UPLOADED.

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