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#YELLOWALBUM Vinyl Campaign

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After successfully funding the next High Five Spaceship album (thank you to all who backed!) we are now trying for vinyl. Vinyl records are a small niche in today’s world, so they are always a huge risk for small-medium labels and artists. To press the minimum run, without driving the project over budget, we need to raise a separate pot just for manufacturing. That’s why we decided to launch a second short campaign specifically for vinyl records.

If you are interested in vinyl, or you missed out on the first campaign, check it out here.

#YELLOWALBUM Kickstarter – the third High Five Spaceship album

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This month High Five Spaceship launched a Kickstarter for their third album, codename #yellowalbum. High Five Spaceship is an electronic production outfit headed up by Christopher Bingham, collaborating with artists around the world including Bryarly, Daniel Dobbs, Robert Gillies, Corinna Jane, Carlos Montero, TVMPST, and more. Following two successful first albums, Progress and MMCCXV, which were both crowdfunded, they have begun work on a third that promises to be bigger, brighter, and tonally quite different from the previous offering.

Support the project here.

It’s a Big Cool World Wow

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You might think you’ve peeped the scene, you haven’t, the real one’s far too mean. The watered down one, the one you know, was made up centuries ago. They made it sound all whack and corny. Yes, it’s awful, blasted boring. Twisted fictions, sick addictions… Well, gather around children, zip it, listen…

This YouTube video is about statistics:

PBFB 2017

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This month marks the 5th anniversary of the start of Past Bing Future Bing, the year-long web series that documented my life. To celebrate, I’m revisiting the format for one month only.

PBFB 2017 compares my life in January 2016 with my life in January 2017, exactly one year apart. There will be 31 episodes in total, from January 17th to February 18th. You can watch every episode back to back using this playlist, and you can browse both this and the original project with added trivia on the new PBFB official website.

2016 in Snaps

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In the last like year or so I’ve got like well into Snapchat. I really like, it’s just real great is all so I made a bunch of compilations of my Snaps. You can browse them all on the brand new Snapchat page, and watch some highlights below. This year I’m going to be using it to keep you updated on what I’m doing and where I am and how I feel, so add me if that sounds appealing.

Here’s the last compilation of the year, December 2016:

Comedy Initiative episode 1 clips

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Episode 1 of the Comedy Initiative came out on November 18th, featuring 21 minutes of back-to-back sketches and new material. Here are two clips from the episode’s interview segments.

The first is about Christopher ‘Bing’ Bingham’s recent tirade on Snapchat, originally published to his story in early November 2016. In it, he calmly discusses several issues surrounding the commercialism of YouTube creators. Big emojis have been shown in support for this, with triumphant fans declaring their love and/or ambivalent feelings for it using princess, 100, and small poops with faces. Observe:

The second of two clips from the full episode of Comedy Initiative original sketch comedy web series is about voice acting. Christopher Bingham is a prolific voice actor, appearing in more than one animated series on the internet. He was/is gracious enough to grant access to old audition tapes submitted to the likes of Pixar, Dreamworks, and Disney Pixar. Witness:

Watch full episodes of the Christopher Bingham Comedy Initiative here.

The Christopher Bingham Comedy Initiative: Episode 1

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Welcome to The Christopher Bingham Comedy Initiative. This inaugural episode collects several of the most recent sketches, including How To Build Hype (extended), Pound of Flesh, And Bing Was His Name, and unseen material including voice acting audition tapes, and a messy Snapchat meltdown…

Watch all 21 minutes of The Comeback here:

The Comedy Initiative is a sketch show that collects recent videos from my channel as a long-form show. I’ll be posting a few excerpts and bonus clips for a couple of weeks to promote this one, then the process will start again. New sketches starting next month and running through new year 2017 will eventually mighty morph and roll out into a second episode.

As always, extra material can be seen on the official Facebook page and Instagram profile.

Vlog: Doubling Down on Selfishness

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In the wake of the 2016 US election there has been a constant stream of reactions from bloggers, YouTubers, and influencers. President Elect Donald Trump, at times, seemed intent on upsetting as many people as possible on his campaign, and his victory has come as a huge surprise to a lot of Hillary supporters. I wanted to avoid a lot of the rhetoric I’ve seen from fellow video bloggers, mostly anti-Trump, whose post-election uploads have been fairly predictable: dissections of how the result was made possible; rallying calls to arms; or heartfelt appeals to humanity and understanding. I wanted to talk more about our reactions as individuals, particularly for those feeling disenfranchised and unsatisfied.

Watch my video, Doubling Down on Selfishness here:

This video, of course, is not to be taken too literally or seriously. The latter section is deliberately extreme for comic effect. However, it holds a certain amount of truth for me, as I’m sure it does for many of you. For most of this year one of the questions that has weighed most heavily on my mind is ‘how do I remain steadfast and personally driven in the face of realities that seem unfair?’ (It’s something I touched upon in this video as well.) In the face of unexpected and upsetting situations, it’s a very natural response to allow a little more selfishness into your life. When the world seems hostile and the future is unknowable, control over the material can be comforting.

But for me, ‘doing you’ is more than just acquiring money. In times of uncertainty I turn to the things I have definite control over: my diet, care of my body, what I’m reading, what I’m watching, what activities I choose in my spare time. If the world outside is letting me down, at least I know I’m still growing, and learning, and becoming better.

Unfortunately too much selfishness can lead to political apathy, as some of you were quick to point out in the comments. I also speak from a position of great privilege, as others were also quick to point out. This video is by no means a comprehensive lifestyle guide, nor is it solely about the US election, but an expression of something I’ve been thinking about for a while. If you are experiencing a crisis of faith or anger at the way of the world, a little selfishness may go a long way to healing you. Once healed, you might find your capacity for activism, understanding, and hope are back to normal.

– C x

Vine Is Dead

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Vine Is Dead is a beat slam poem by writer and philosopher Christopher ‘Bing’ Bingham, uploaded in 2-dimensional video to the freemium platform YouTube. Watch it today:


This video was shot while I was very unwell. In bonus material on Facebook I take suggestions for things to say.

Google Pixel Unboxing

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Download the press kit for this video.

Granted early access to Google’s new ‘Apple killer’ smart phone, the Pixel, YouTuber Christopher Bingham was keen to unbox the new tech in a video. One feature in particular caught his attention…

Bing has been unusually quiet on social media following the upload of the video. His Snapchat (slomozovo) appears to have been hacked, and his Instagram and Facebook pages have uploaded cryptic videos like this: