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Convergence is Scary

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Stylish episode of life coach channel I Will Save You From the Future podcast guaranteed to lose weight OVERNIGHT with this issue. Talk about cameras being in everything nowadays, now that’s an episode of Seinfeld 2017! Our special guest on tonight’s show was Pat Graziosi, co-creator of the educational YouTube show LifeNoggin.

Listen to the episode here:

Ep 8: Cameras In Everything (feat. Pat Graziosi)

Artificial Intelligence is Scary

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This episode of the internet sensational very big handsome podcast I Will Save You From the Future, sometimes abbreviated using the popular hashtag #IWSYcast, is about Artificial Intelligence. A growing phenomenon, AI is intelligence exhibited by machines, rather than humans or other animals (natural intelligence, NI). In computer science, the field of AI research defines itself as the study of “intelligent agents”: any device that perceives its environment and takes actions that maximize its chance of success at some goal.[1] Today in AWESOME sponsored by Netflix was Tommy, from the comedy duo Jollyboat.

Listen to the episode below or search ‘Save You From the Future’ or ‘Will Save You From the’ on your favourite podcast app:

Ep 7: Artificial Intelligence (feat. Tommy Jollyboat)

Holograms are Scary

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This week on the internet radio podcast show I Will Save You From the Future (stylised as: I Will Save You From the Future) Christopher’s guest was Brad WOTO (Bradley World of the Orange), Twitch streamer and PewDiePie editor, actress, and the subject they talked long form about was the subject of holograms. The Microsoft Hololens Mixed reality: Your world is the canvas Microsoft HoloLens is the first self-contained, holographic computer, enabling you to engage with your digital content and interact with holograms in the world around you SEE WHY HOLOLENS

Driverless Cars are Scary

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You won’t believe what happens at the end of the latest episode of I Will Save You From the Future, a podcast about technology that Christopher Bingham makes with comedian and journalist guests. This embedded one is an episode about driverless automated cars, which are real and alive. The guest for it is Brian Firenzi, a human boy and member of the comedy troupe 5secondfilms (or five second films).

Listen to the entire podcast, or parts of it, here:

Medical Wearables are Scary

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In this, the fourth episode of I Will Save You From the Future (a podcast about technology (new and emerging) and how it might (probably (definitely)) destroy society as we know it), host Christopher Bingham discusses medical tracking technology with Jazza. Jazza is the host of The Right Dishonourable, a podcast about politics, as well as being a vlogger.

Listen to the full episode here and subscribe by finding IWSY on iTunes.

High on His Own Stank

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One of the great gifts of the internet age is the transformative power it can have over the arts. The liberation of form, design, meaning, intention, and intellectual property from the shackles of pre-digital mediums allows for expressions of the collective conscience on a scale previously unimaginable. One such expression is Pride and Prejudice: Lit Edition, a podcast/audiobook series created by Christopher Bingham.

Listen to episode two here in full, or subscribe by searching on your favourite podcast application.

Mind-controlled Things are Scary

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In the third episode of Christopher Bingham’s technology discussion comedy podcast radio series program I Will Save You From the Future he discusses the future of mind-controlled interfaces with special guest Bryarly. You can find Bryarly singing and talking on the internet.

Listen to the full episode here or subscribe on your favourite podcast app.

Pride and Prejudice: Lit Edition

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This month I launched several new projects. One of them is this podcast series / audiobook entitled Pride and Prejudice: Lit Edition. It’s a full-length read of Jane Austen’s classic romantic novel but with modern slang and references improvised throughout to make it more fun. The artwork is by illustrator Xanthe Simmans. You can follow the project on its official website (and follow it if you’re a Tumblr user), and browse episodes of all my podcasts here.

3D Printing is Scary

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‘Comedian’ and ‘YouTuber’ turned ‘Radio Host’ Christopher ‘Bing’ Bingham strikes back like an empire with the second episode of his comedy discussion technology discussion show I Will Save You From the Future. In this audio file, approximately three quarters of an hour long, he talks about the future of 3D Printing with friend and collaborator Jamie Spicer-Lewis who is an animator and voice actor.

Listen to the full episode here, or subscribe on your favourite podcast app.

I Will Save You From the Future

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Running through the dirt and cobble streets of Oxford we see a cloaked figure. Clearly moving with haste he stumbles and almost falls several times, but steadies himself, for his is a glorious purpose. His hood drops on one of these occasions and you recognise, from your vantage point in a small attic window facing the road, the gaunt but handsome face of Jeremiah, an academic of the colleges. You think it strange that he is without his usual spectacles and carrying not a single book. It is then that he starts to yell, with shocking volume, a caterwaul that continues down the path to the town centre:
“He is podcasting now! It’s happening! He thinks he’s a radio presenter!”
Below is an embedded internet mpeg layer 4 data file of the first episode of Christopher Bingham’s podcast debut, a series called I Will Save You From the Future. It is a podcast comedy discussion series about new technology trends and innovations. It is a podcast. Find it by searching ‘i will save you from the future’ or ‘christopher bingham’ on iTunes or your favourite podcast app.