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I Will Save You From the Future

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Running through the dirt and cobble streets of Oxford we see a cloaked figure. Clearly moving with haste he stumbles and almost falls several times, but steadies himself, for his is a glorious purpose. His hood drops on one of these occasions and you recognise, from your vantage point in a small attic window facing the road, the gaunt but handsome face of Jeremiah, an academic of the colleges. You think it strange that he is without his usual spectacles and carrying not a single book. It is then that he starts to yell, with shocking volume, a caterwaul that continues down the path to the town centre:
“He is podcasting now! It’s happening! He thinks he’s a radio presenter!”
Below is an embedded internet mpeg layer 4 data file of the first episode of Christopher Bingham’s podcast debut, a series called I Will Save You From the Future. It is a podcast comedy discussion series about new technology trends and innovations. It is a podcast. Find it by searching ‘i will save you from the future’ or ‘christopher bingham’ on iTunes or your favourite podcast app.

Saying Merry Christmas

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Download the press kit for this video.
Comedian Christopher ‘Bing’ Bingham makes the seamless leap from sketch comedy to chat show in this new upload free to stream on all mobile devices. In the video he speaks with guest Jamie Spicer-Lewis, an animator, about the joys of the holiday season. If you find it difficult to talk to people, this is a video:

Watch out for outtakes and extras on the official Facebook page and Instagram profile.

How to Build Hype

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Download the press kit for this video.

You awaken, flooded with moonlight from an open window, precisely as the clock strikes 3AM. The light transforms into a glowing angel, who tells you about a new video uploaded to YouTube.

How to Build Hype is a comedy tutorial video with a run time of four minutes and twenty-nine seconds.

See the main character getting up to no good in bonus videos:


I don’t know what to believe anymore. New video uploaded.

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