Pride and Prejudice: Lit Edition

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This month I launched several new projects. One of them is this podcast series / audiobook entitled Pride and Prejudice: Lit Edition. It’s a full-length read of Jane Austen’s classic romantic novel but with modern slang and references improvised throughout to make it more fun. The artwork is by illustrator Xanthe Simmans. You can follow the project on its official website (and follow it if you’re a Tumblr user), and browse episodes of all my podcasts here.

PBFB 2017

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This month marks the 5th anniversary of the start of Past Bing Future Bing, the year-long web series that documented my life. To celebrate, I’m revisiting the format for one month only.

PBFB 2017 compares my life in January 2016 with my life in January 2017, exactly one year apart. There will be 31 episodes in total, from January 17th to February 18th. You can watch every episode back to back using this playlist, and you can browse both this and the original project with added trivia on the new PBFB official website.

The Christopher Bingham Comedy Initiative

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Download the press kit for this video.

So this month I started working on a project called The Christopher Bingham Comedy Initiative, a new sketch comedy series on my main YouTube channel.┬áThe series will premiere as short individual videos which will later be collected and adapted into a longer ‘episode’.

Today I uploaded a new channel trailer to YouTube.

I also made shorter, funnier trailers on my new social media pages:


Probably the best trailer for my channel you’ll see today. New video uploaded.

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