High on His Own Stank

High on His Own Stank

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One of the great gifts of the internet age is the transformative power it can have over the arts. The liberation of form, design, meaning, intention, and intellectual property from the shackles of pre-digital mediums allows for expressions of the collective conscience on a scale previously unimaginable. One such expression is Pride and Prejudice: Lit Edition, a podcast/audiobook series created by Christopher Bingham.

Listen to episode two here in full, or subscribe by searching on your favourite podcast application.

Mind-controlled Things are Scary

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In the third episode of Christopher Bingham’s technology discussion comedy podcast radio series program I Will Save You From the Future he discusses the future of mind-controlled interfaces with special guest Bryarly. You can find Bryarly singing and talking on the internet.

Listen to the full episode here or subscribe on your favourite podcast app.

Pride and Prejudice: Lit Edition

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This month I launched several new projects. One of them is this podcast series / audiobook entitled Pride and Prejudice: Lit Edition. It’s a full-length read of Jane Austen’s classic romantic novel but with modern slang and references improvised throughout to make it more fun. The artwork is by illustrator Xanthe Simmans. You can follow the project on its official website (and follow it if you’re a Tumblr user), and browse episodes of all my podcasts here.

3D Printing is Scary

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‘Comedian’ and ‘YouTuber’ turned ‘Radio Host’ Christopher ‘Bing’ Bingham strikes back like an empire with the second episode of his comedy discussion technology discussion show I Will Save You From the Future. In this audio file, approximately three quarters of an hour long, he talks about the future of 3D Printing with friend and collaborator Jamie Spicer-Lewis who is an animator and voice actor.

Listen to the full episode here, or subscribe on your favourite podcast app.

I Will Save You From the Future

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Running through the dirt and cobble streets of Oxford we see a cloaked figure. Clearly moving with haste he stumbles and almost falls several times, but steadies himself, for his is a glorious purpose. His hood drops on one of these occasions and you recognise, from your vantage point in a small attic window facing the road, the gaunt but handsome face of Jeremiah, an academic of the colleges. You think it strange that he is without his usual spectacles and carrying not a single book. It is then that he starts to yell, with shocking volume, a caterwaul that continues down the path to the town centre:
“He is podcasting now! It’s happening! He thinks he’s a radio presenter!”
Below is an embedded internet mpeg layer 4 data file of the first episode of Christopher Bingham’s podcast debut, a series called I Will Save You From the Future. It is a podcast comedy discussion series about new technology trends and innovations. It is a podcast. Find it by searching ‘i will save you from the future’ or ‘christopher bingham’ on iTunes or your favourite podcast app.

PBFB 2017

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This month marks the 5th anniversary of the start of Past Bing Future Bing, the year-long web series that documented my life. To celebrate, I’m revisiting the format for one month only.

PBFB 2017 compares my life in January 2016 with my life in January 2017, exactly one year apart. There will be 31 episodes in total, from January 17th to February 18th. You can watch every episode back to back using this playlist, and you can browse both this and the original project with added trivia on the new PBFB official website.

2016 in Snaps

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In the last like year or so I’ve got like well into Snapchat. I really like, it’s just real great is all so I made a bunch of compilations of my Snaps. You can browse them all on the brand new Snapchat page, and watch some highlights below. This year I’m going to be using it to keep you updated on what I’m doing and where I am and how I feel, so add me if that sounds appealing.

Here’s the last compilation of the year, December 2016:

Saying Merry Christmas

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Download the press kit for this video.
Comedian Christopher ‘Bing’ Bingham makes the seamless leap from sketch comedy to chat show in this new upload free to stream on all mobile devices. In the video he speaks with guest Jamie Spicer-Lewis, an animator, about the joys of the holiday season. If you find it difficult to talk to people, this is a video:

Watch out for outtakes and extras on the official Facebook page and Instagram profile.

Comedy Initiative episode 1 clips

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Episode 1 of the Comedy Initiative came out on November 18th, featuring 21 minutes of back-to-back sketches and new material. Here are two clips from the episode’s interview segments.

The first is about Christopher ‘Bing’ Bingham’s recent tirade on Snapchat, originally published to his story in early November 2016. In it, he calmly discusses several issues surrounding the commercialism of YouTube creators. Big emojis have been shown in support for this, with triumphant fans declaring their love and/or ambivalent feelings for it using princess, 100, and small poops with faces. Observe:

The second of two clips from the full episode of Comedy Initiative original sketch comedy web series is about voice acting. Christopher Bingham is a prolific voice actor, appearing in more than one animated series on the internet. He was/is gracious enough to grant access to old audition tapes submitted to the likes of Pixar, Dreamworks, and Disney Pixar. Witness:

Watch full episodes of the Christopher Bingham Comedy Initiative here.

Man do I love tiny versions of things that are usually big

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It’s been a hot minute since I had a hobby that so engrossed me and ignited my passions as this. In central Japan, and in fact all over the country, tiny furniture aficionados are sitting in silence pretending to make food. And today I am one of them.

If you, like me when I first started, are like ‘woah how did they make that so small’, or alternatively thinking that you got bigger somehow, you’d be right. My heart grew three sizes the day I discovered RE-MENT and their range of doll’s house 1:18 scale furniture.

Unboxing, looking at, describing, reading about, and playing with RE-MENT doll’s furniture is like meditation. It requires an empty mind and a steady hand. It offers a particularly welcome respite from the consumerism, futurapitalism, existential shopaholism, and alt-right mystimilism of the twenty-first century rat race. It allows me to manage my cravings by making them smaller. Instead of coveting new beds, new chairs, fashionable throw pillows, curtains, or tupperware, I covet tiny beds, tiny stackable chairs, small plastic pillows, palm-sized squares of felt, and other choking hazards. By buying the latter, rather than the former, I have climbed (a lot like Batman when he began) from the prison of my own desires.

Interview outtakes! FULL EPISODE UPLOADED.

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