Captain Baculum 3

Captain Baculum 3

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After almost a decade (Episode One was drawn in 2008/9, based on strips going back as far as 2006) pre-orders are now open for the final issue of my indie comic Captain Baculum.

Real talk for a moment- it is incredibly fulfilling to be on the last leg of a project that has spanned so much of my life.

Captain Baculum started as personal project when I was a student learning to use my first graphics tablet. I drew strips based loosely on my own life and published them on my website and via DeviantArt. The character of the Captain was just me, his friends based on my friends. Later, my desire to tell a story turned them into fully-fictional characters, and in 2008 I began reworking all the CB material I had into what would become Episode One: Baculum Begins.

This is also the project that HIT WITH WRENCH, my online store, is built on. It is its longest-running product, and the franchise which gave it its name (in the first book a character called Klaus solves a problem by ‘hit[ing it] with [a] wrench’).

This project fills me joy and affection, but also a sense of deep nostalgia for the time in my life when I started it. It is the definition of ‘learning by doing’, and emblematic of that guiding principle in everything I do. I hope that the hundreds and thousands of you out there who have bought and enjoyed the previous issues over the years will love this one just as much, and that the conclusion I have written for these characters does justice to the love that you have placed in them.

Pre-order Captain Baculum Episode Three: Baculum Solves Everything direct from HWW here, including extremely limited variant covers by artists Jamie Spicer-Lewis and Maddy Vian.

#YELLOWALBUM Vinyl Campaign

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After successfully funding the next High Five Spaceship album (thank you to all who backed!) we are now trying for vinyl. Vinyl records are a small niche in today’s world, so they are always a huge risk for small-medium labels and artists. To press the minimum run, without driving the project over budget, we need to raise a separate pot just for manufacturing. That’s why we decided to launch a second short campaign specifically for vinyl records.

If you are interested in vinyl, or you missed out on the first campaign, check it out here.

Convergence is Scary

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Stylish episode of life coach channel I Will Save You From the Future podcast guaranteed to lose weight OVERNIGHT with this issue. Talk about cameras being in everything nowadays, now that’s an episode of Seinfeld 2017! Our special guest on tonight’s show was Pat Graziosi, co-creator of the educational YouTube show LifeNoggin.

Listen to the episode here:

Ep 8: Cameras In Everything (feat. Pat Graziosi)

Artificial Intelligence is Scary

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This episode of the internet sensational very big handsome podcast I Will Save You From the Future, sometimes abbreviated using the popular hashtag #IWSYcast, is about Artificial Intelligence. A growing phenomenon, AI is intelligence exhibited by machines, rather than humans or other animals (natural intelligence, NI). In computer science, the field of AI research defines itself as the study of “intelligent agents”: any device that perceives its environment and takes actions that maximize its chance of success at some goal.[1] Today in AWESOME sponsored by Netflix was Tommy, from the comedy duo Jollyboat.

Listen to the episode below or search ‘Save You From the Future’ or ‘Will Save You From the’ on your favourite podcast app:

Ep 7: Artificial Intelligence (feat. Tommy Jollyboat)

#YELLOWALBUM Kickstarter – the third High Five Spaceship album

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This month High Five Spaceship launched a Kickstarter for their third album, codename #yellowalbum. High Five Spaceship is an electronic production outfit headed up by Christopher Bingham, collaborating with artists around the world including Bryarly, Daniel Dobbs, Robert Gillies, Corinna Jane, Carlos Montero, TVMPST, and more. Following two successful first albums, Progress and MMCCXV, which were both crowdfunded, they have begun work on a third that promises to be bigger, brighter, and tonally quite different from the previous offering.

Support the project here.

Holograms are Scary

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This week on the internet radio podcast show I Will Save You From the Future (stylised as: I Will Save You From the Future) Christopher’s guest was Brad WOTO (Bradley World of the Orange), Twitch streamer and PewDiePie editor, actress, and the subject they talked long form about was the subject of holograms. The Microsoft Hololens Mixed reality: Your world is the canvas Microsoft HoloLens is the first self-contained, holographic computer, enabling you to engage with your digital content and interact with holograms in the world around you SEE WHY HOLOLENS

It’s a Big Cool World Wow

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You might think you’ve peeped the scene, you haven’t, the real one’s far too mean. The watered down one, the one you know, was made up centuries ago. They made it sound all whack and corny. Yes, it’s awful, blasted boring. Twisted fictions, sick addictions… Well, gather around children, zip it, listen…

This YouTube video is about statistics:

Driverless Cars are Scary

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You won’t believe what happens at the end of the latest episode of I Will Save You From the Future, a podcast about technology that Christopher Bingham makes with comedian and journalist guests. This embedded one is an episode about driverless automated cars, which are real and alive. The guest for it is Brian Firenzi, a human boy and member of the comedy troupe 5secondfilms (or five second films).

Listen to the entire podcast, or parts of it, here:

Peaked: A Twin Peaks Fancast

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Hi guys! I put Carl, my SEO Robot, to bed for a moment so I could write this one myself.

This summer I started three new podcast series: Pride and Prejudice: Lit Edition, I Will Save You From the Future, and Peaked. The last on that list is a fan series discussing the revival of cult TV show Twin Peaks with one of my oldest friends, Tom Bown. The set up is simple- he loves David Lynch, the show’s co-creator and director, and I really don’t love David Lynch. Together we recap each episode after they’ve aired, point out things you might have missed, and try to predict what’s going to happen next. (So far Bown is winning on predictions.)

This series, unlike the others, will be limited. We will only be recording 16 episodes (to coincide with an 18 episode season that started with two double bills). When it’s over, provided we haven’t fallen out over Twin Peaks, Bown and I want to do a longer original series of some kind.

If you’re a fan of Twin Peaks and are as excited as we are about the revival, check out the series by searching for us on iTunes (or wherever you get your podcasts). Also watch out when I tweet the latest episodes- attached to each post is my favourite still from the episode we’re discussing. So far they’re mostly Baby Coop in elevators…

Click here to browse all our episodes!

Medical Wearables are Scary

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In this, the fourth episode of I Will Save You From the Future (a podcast about technology (new and emerging) and how it might (probably (definitely)) destroy society as we know it), host Christopher Bingham discusses medical tracking technology with Jazza. Jazza is the host of The Right Dishonourable, a podcast about politics, as well as being a vlogger.

Listen to the full episode here and subscribe by finding IWSY on iTunes.