A few highlights from my extensive history of video projects.

Independent Projects

Bing directs or curates a few things around the web. Click any thumbnail to check out a great experiment.



A YouTube channel with a stupid name, focused on short form sketch comedy and music videos.

High Five Spaceship

An experimental music side project that grew from a love of audio production, this year HFS will be releasing a collaborative album featuring some of the most exciting young artists around. Pre-orders on Kickstarter sold triple its goal.



Bing's video blog channel filled with anecdotes, life advice and travel videos.

As a Presenter

Bing has hosted some amazing shows for a variety of clients. Click any thumbnail to see him as a presenter.


Test Lab

A ridiculous web series for Guinness World Records, part of the 2012-13 project GWR:OMG. A year of 52 bite-sized episodes were recorded in a marathon three weeks.


Heroes of Animation

An eight part documentary series created for ChannelFlip that profiled animators and studios from different mediums and walks of life.


The Snap

A sponsored web format from Virgin Media showcasing the best original web creators. Bing appears with an ensemble cast of great talent like Alfie Deyes and Julia Hardy (pictured).

Beginner's Guide

Bing has been making online content for almost a decade. Click any thumbnail for a history lesson.


Early 'Work'

Most of Bing's earliest appearances online stemmed from his friendship with college-mate Tom Ridgewell, who boosted his interest in comedy and film making. They grew and worked closely together. Bing's voice can also be spotted in episodes of the late Edd Gould's animated series Eddsworld.



For two years, between January 2011 and 2013, Bing filmed his life and made a video every other day. Past Bing Future Bing launched in the second year, every odd-numbered upload a year old and every even-numbered upload filmed a year later. PBFB changed his life forever, and remains unrivalled as a public, marathon video diary. The entire project is available on Bingradio, split across two playlists.


Sketch Comedy

Some of Bing's most popular videos are the simplest, silliest jokes. He's also been lucky enough to work with some of the best internet funny people around including Dom Fera, Chris Kendall and 5SecondFilms (Michael Rousselet pictured).

Other Things

Never satisfied with just one or two jobs, Bing can be found working on a few other projects...


Hit With Wrench

Hit With Wrench is a boutique online store and music publishing company that stocks and commissions designs, prints, comics and music by Bing and other internet creatives.


Music Videos

Bing has directed promotional videos for some brilliant UK musicians including Dancing Lotus, Elliott Morris and Sudanim.



Bing is a regular guest lecturer at several universities, working particularly closely with the film department at Ravensbourne University.

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